Plan your Blog Posts with Airtable

Airtable is an application where you can store your records on everything, from personal stuff to work-related information.  Since there is an app for this tool, you can access/refer to records anytime and anywhere.  The best thing about this application is its similar to a spreadsheet which most of us know how to use. You’ll see rows and columns in a flat design.

It has a feature which makes it easy to link data from one table to another. This could not be easily done in a usual spreadsheet application, but with Airtable, it easy to do.

Click here to Signup (its free)

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Once you have signed up there’s a little introduction… just follow it through by clicking the next button.

Now it asks you to choose some templates.  There are alot to choose from, and its not essential to use a template at all (you can start from scratch)… but try to include this one for creating a blogging editorial calendar.

Select the Blog Editorial Calendar Template

You can use the Blog Editorial Calendar to get started using Airtable in a practical way.  

This is just an example though, when you get going you will discover lots more uses!

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Choose a few others that might interest you…

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The rest of the signup process is quite simple, follow it through and you can get started.

Airtable General Tips

When you first begin using airtable it might be a little confusing – all software works a little differently so dont be impatient.  Once you get used to it you will love it. But to cut out any confusion here are a few expert tips…

Its much better to create new tables in one base than to create alot of different bases.   

Bases in Airtable are collections of tables that you can link together.  But you cant link together tables that are in different bases.  The only reason you would want to use a different base is if the table you are making needs to be shared with different people than the other tables.

Look at templates for ideas, but avoid using them..

This is strange advice but it’s related to the fact that you can’t link tables together from different bases.  Each template you use will create a different base, so you wont be able to link to any other templates.  Which leads to the next point…

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Linking Tables…

Being able to link tables is a revolutionary part of Airtable. All the ‘techno-jargon’ about ‘relational database’ and ‘linking tables’ blah blah probably doesn’t mean much to most people.  It’s something that you have always been able to do with a database (which is only used by experts because its been so complicated), but not with a spreadsheet such as Excel or Google Sheets (which everyone uses).  Airtable allows you to use things just like a Spreadsheet, but link the tables together like a Database and its super simple.


Airtable Tutorials

Its also a good idea to watch and review the tutorials provided by the software makers.  You will discover features that might be very useful and really get to understand how and why this software works (and why its so popular).

On your Airtable Dashboard there is a Learning and Resource Section…

Be sure to watch the two Tutorial Videos first before trying out Airtable and when you have time also watch all videos of the basic things you can do in airtable.

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Begin Experimantation!

The best way to learn is in practice, so just start messing around and you will soon learn what’s possible with this amazing software.

Click on the Blog Editorial Calendar Base to start using Airtable…

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