Understanding Keywords and Knowing How to use Them

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is generally a word or phrase a person uses in searching online. It is the words an internet user will use when looking for an information on the internet.

Site owners, internet marketers and generally those who deal with SEO use keywords to create content and to rank their site on search engines.

Why Use Keywords?

  • Keywords are the basis for Website Content – All content in your site including content for different webpages should connect directly to a certain keyword.
  • Keywords help internet users understand the purpose of your site – Keywords increase traffic and opportunity of conversion of your site since it helps them realize that your site contains what they are looking for.
  • Keywords help search engines in ranking your site – When search engines start indexing pages of your website,  keywords play a big role in the site analysis and in turn ranks your site better provided that you have effectively expressed the purpose of your pages through the keywords used.

General Types of Keywords

  • broad keywords – These are short words or phrases which usually represents your industry or niche and general topic of your content.
  • long-tail keywords – These are longer words or phrases which are more specific. Keep in mind that most of the searches conducted on the internet are long-tail keywords. You miss a lot of traffic opportunity if you don’t target such keywords.

How to use Keywords?

  1. Do Keyword Research.
  2. Write down all the keywords you want to use in your articles, create categories and titles for these keywords
  3. Keyword frequency is important as you don’t want to get penalized by Google for keywords stuffing. Ideally, frequency should be at 1% per article You can use this tool to check your articles : Article Optimizer 
  4. Create a draft outline for each article to ensure that your article contains all the information your visitor needs. Do not get too focused on using your keyword in the article for you might end up creating sentences which don’t make any sense.
  5. Read your article a couple of time before publishing. This ensures the article would less likely to have spelling and grammar issues.

Where Keywords should Appear

As mentioned earlier, keywords help visitors and search engines understand the purpose of your content or even your site in general. Make sure that your keywords appear on the following.

  • Page Title
  • URL
  • Header Tag
  • Sub-Header Tag
  • Body Content
  • Site Navigation Link Text
  • In-Content Link Text
  • Image Tag
  • Video Tag
  • Meta Description