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Stage 1 : Setup your Website & Email

Wordpress is a ‘Content Management System’ that runs 25% of websites in existence. Thats 250 million websites built with this platform. As you can imagine, wordpress experience is pretty much a standard requirement for any career in the web space. Using wordpress is not just good for your website, but it shows potential employers that you have much needed skills.

What is a 'good' website? ✅
Plan your Blog Posts with Airtable ✅
Creating A Logo ✅
Setup your Email ✅
How to Write Title Tags and Meta Descriptions ✅
Basic Website Content ✅
How to Rotate and Resize Pictures ✅
Using Wordpress Categories ✅
How to Customize your Sidebar ✅
Adding Social Media Button on WordPress Site ✅
Add Navigation Menu in Wordpress ✅
How to Optimize Images Quick, Easy and Free ✅
Build an Email List in Wordpress using MailChimp ✅
How To Recover Lost Wordpress Password ✅
Migrate a Blog from Blogger to Wordpress
Move Your Blog from to ✅
Grammarly in Google Chrome for Perfect Grammar and Spelling ✅
How to Update your Website Content and Keep it Fresh ✅
How to Blog Better with Evernote
How to Display Posts at WordPress Homepage

Stage 4 : Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization sounds complicated but its quite simple. Its trying to get a website higher in search results. The biggest search engine by far is Google, so in this section we learn some tools and techniques to rank your website higher.

Make a blog ✅
Off-page SEO
Website Directory Submission ✅
Guide to Blog Commenting ✅
On-Page SEO ✅
How to SEO Optimize your Images
Essential Google Analytics Report
Keyword Research
How to Get your New Website Indexed ✅
Basic Explanation of Google SEO
How to Check your SEO Progress
Guide to Guest Blogging
Install and Setup Yoast SEO Plugin ✅
Anchor Text and How to Optimize It
Promote your Site in Forums
Setup Google Webmasters Tools
Link Building Tactics for a New Website
Resource Page Link Building
Internal Link Building
How to Get Links from Document Sharing Sites
Create a Sitemap and Submit to Google Webmasters Tools
Guide to Broken Link Building
Understanding Keywords and Knowing How to use Them

Stage 5 : Monetizing your Website

Big companies will pay you to promote their products on your site. If someone buys something through your link you can get up to 50% of the sale price!

How to Apply for Google Adsense
How to Signup for Amazon Affiliate Program and Add Affiliate Links to Wordpress
Career Opportunities for Online Marketing
Set Up HotelsCombined Affiliate Program