Strategies for Using Instagram

Instagram continues to become a popular social media platform for the generation today with its more than 200 million users around the globe. This number is definitely enough reason for you to give Instagram a try when it comes to promoting your site and increasing your traffic.

Your goal on this site is to increase your level of influence and its done by earning more followers. As much as possible, posts have to encourage follower engagement either through sharing, commenting or liking.

1. Be Strategic with your Bio Link

Create a brief description of your business or the service you offer and do not forget to include a link of your site.



Remember that in the Bio section, only 150 characters or fewer is allowed.







2. Take Advantage of Trending Hashtags

Instagram had just undergone major updates last year where it made searching and exploring easier for users. You could find out more about it here: The All New Search and Explore. You can use this feature on your advantage.

Find Trending Hashtags in Real Time


You will notice that the Top Hashtags with Technology in it are presented. On this sample, you could see that the most popular hashtag with technology is “technologythesedays”.


When you select a certain hashtag, it will show popular posts.


Aside from using the search and explore bar for hashtags, it could also be used for what’s trending in your area.


This gives us an idea of the different hashtags we could use to target local users like #brisbaneblogger and #brisbanefashion.



3. Mix Photos and Videos

In order to get more followers, it is a good practice to mix up your post by including videos. You could try to upload videos on your account 2-3 times a week. We all know that there are also people who love videos and some of these people could become your follower.

To post a video, simply hold down the Record button and pause when you want to shoot a different scene. Or you can upload a pre-made video.

You can see that under the #technologythesedays, among the top post is a video.


4. Make a Graphic Shareworthy

The best way to do this is pairing images with captions. Experts say that followers engage more on posts with captions. Above all, be sure to only use high-quality images.

Here is a sample of a post with caption


Square Shape Photos

Even though Instagram now accepts non-square photos, the square photos still performs best. You can use a tool named InstaSize  (available for iOS and Android). Use this app to make photos square shape. It also allows a user to add a colored or white border on photos.


Enhance Photos

To easily enhance photos, an app like VSCO Cam (available for iOS and Android) is very useful.


Mention your Link on Most of your Posts

Keep in mind that Instagram only allows you to add a link on your profile. With this make sure to reference the link on our bio on your posts and tell users why they have to click it. Below is a sample of how it’s done.


Interact with your Users

Interaction with users is still one of the most important part of social media marketing.  A lot of people go to the site to get information. So if one user tries to engage and ask something related to your brand, your timely response is needed. Thus, it is important to constantly monitor your account.