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Very Important : Do not Publish the whole article!

You must never publish an article on your website that has already been published anywhere else.

Reason #1 : You’re killing the value of your content.

As we learned before – that publisher doesn’t make any money just by ‘owning’ your article.  It wants people to visit their website to read the article.  If you also publish the same article on your website… people no longer need to visit the publishers’ site to read the article.  You have basically sold your work to the publisher – and then stolen it back!

Reason #2 : You’re hurting your sites Google Ranking.

You will learn a lot about Google Ranking later in the course.  For now we will give you the very short version.  Every minute of every day – google is ‘reading’ websites and adding the pages to their search engines.  If google finds the same article on two different websites, it gets very angry!  They really hate this, because it means their search results will be wasted by giving people the exact same information twice, wasting time and resources.

Google can ‘blacklist’ your website so that it doesn’t show up in any search results!


What you should do…

The best thing is to put a post on your website that summarizes the article – and then put a link for people to read more on the publishers’ site where the article is published. You can have the article open in a new browser window so that people don’t leave your site.

1. Write a Summary of your Article

Below is an example of a good summary.  It is not a copy of any of the text from the main article – instead it’s an additional ‘teaser’ that gives people a very attractive feel for what they will read in the main article.

Screen Shot 09-26-16 at 12.16 PM

2. Insert a Link to the Article

At the bottom of the summary, you can mention your publisher and place a link for people / readers / potential clients to see your published work.  At the bottom of the published article is a link back to your site – so people will return to read more of your work.  So make sure you add more content to your blog!

You do not have to use this text specifically – your link ‘anchor text’ can say anything you want.

 Screen Shot 09-25-16 at 04.55 PM

Screen Shot 09-26-16 at 12.29 PM

Screen Shot 09-26-16 at 12.28 PM