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Websites make money by people visiting their pages, clicking on advertising and generally being ‘engaged’.  So generally speaking, your article (no matter how well written) is only worth as much as the number of readers it can attract.  If publishers don’t get the same (or more) value from your articles than what they paid… why would they pay for more?

We provide our publishers with statistics on the number of readers your articles are attracting…

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Your publisher can also see traffic from other sources (Twitter, Google+, Reddit) – so you should also share in as many places as possible.  But for now the fastest and most effective way is by sharing your article on Facebook.  When they are considering who they should use for future projects, having your post at the top of their social media performance is a big plus. Every time an article is shared, the reach (number of people who see the post) is multiplied.  This also increases the possibility of another person sharing.  This creates a ‘viral’ effect which can end up with millions of people reading an article (and instant fame for the author).

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Remember – you can apply these same methods to promote articles you publish on YOUR blog too!

Share on Facebook

Step 1 : Find the Published Article

Remember you are paid to write the article – but having it published and credited to you is a privilege. Do not harrass the publisher for information about when your article will be published.  Instead, follow their newsfeed on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and keep an eye out for your article.

If you think you missed it on social media, you can also do a Google Search for the title of your article and you should be able to find it.

Follow the Publisher on Social Media

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Find your article on Google Search

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Step 2 : Share to as many people & groups as possible!

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There are a few different options – you can choose the one most appropriate for you.  Of course, we recommend the biggest audience possible!


Choose the Audience

If you have a Facebook Page, or are a member of any Facebook Groups that might appreciate your article, then you should also share to them – it helps to ask your friends to share too!

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Public vs Private

Your article is on a public website, and you’re supposed to be reaching as many people as possible… you can decide – but again remember that publicity is the point of this exercise!

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Message & Hashtags

Write a short message to whoever you’re sharing the article with… explain what it is – and maybe ask them to share it too!  Include some hashtags as a way of telling facebook what topic the post includes.  The original post from your publisher would have had a few hashtags in it – but you can add more if you want!  Include things that you referenced in the article that people might be interested in.

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Finally, share the post …

Then… go back to the training homepage for more ways to increase your article’s engagement.

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Share to related Pages & Groups…

There’s tonnes of ‘interest groups’ on facebook with alot of members.  Sharing your articles on these groups will almost certainly boost your page views.   Many groups need to be joined first, and have rules about posting.  Try not to annoy or spam the group, just share your work and let people decide whether they want to read or not.

Here is a massive list of Facebook Groups…

Travel Buddies
3,127 members
Travel Bloggers and Readers
4,270 members
Travel Blogger Tales
8,081 members
Travel Blog Chronicles
2,164 members
South East Asia Backpacking
18,687 members
Backpackers of the Philippines
47,484 members
We Travel We Blog
1,136 members
Nomads -a life of Cheap/Free Travel
158,369 members
26,984 members
Nomads - the Budget Traveler's Knowledge Resource
20,446 members
Girls Love Travel
187, 531 members
Girls Vs. Globe
8,953 members
23,292 members
Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing Group
1,356 members
Under 1000 Club - Aspiring Travel Bloggers
1,561 members
Drifters Unite - Travel Bloggers
1,825 members
We See the World Blogger
1,298 members
Travel Bloggers Network
4,406 members
Travel Bloggers United
3,207 members
Ultimate Travel Group
6,410 members
Bloggers and Travellers
7,861 members
Digital Nomads Around the World
30,377 members
Solo Travel
61,850 members
26,806 members
83,653 members
Japan Travel
19,148 members
Visiting Iceland
5,225 members
11,526 members
Wilderness Backpacking
24,580 members
Camping and Hiking
150,068 members
62,896 members
Socal Hiking
8,083 members
304,835 members
Travel Partners
7,162 members
Travel Blogs
947 members
9,233 members
Digital Nomad
33,710 members
7,828 members
Xydre - Gaming and Technology
321 members
Sydney Educational Technology Group
872 members
Tom's Tech Time
5,187 members
Tech 2 Hell Solutions
3.033 members
Tech Hustlers
224 members
Technology Tricks & Tips
23,495 members
Information Technology Hacking and Tips
13,616 members
Technology Today
2,249 members
2,313 members
Technology News
2,297 members
Technology News
11,559 members
Latest Technology Computer News
3,872 members
The Big Computing
964 members
Wander Love
1,421 members
Female Travel Bloggers
2,099 members
Travel Bloggers
12,498 members
We are Travel Girls
1,794 members
Travel Bloggers Around the World
8,200 members
Travel the World Simply
1,707 members
GirlCrew Trips and Travel
4,862 members
Tech News [Android Apple Iphone]
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World Tech News
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TV & Movies Fans of
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Movie Set Memes
57,481 members
All Things Movies
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Movie Talk by Movie Fans
7,452 members
Film Buffs
7,265 members
Old Movies
9,233 members
implying we can discuss movies
5,440 members
Horror Movie Freaks
5,490 members
Real Fans 4 Real Movies
719 members
TCM (Tony's Classic Movies)
5,902 members
Horror Movies
12,111 members
2,574 members
1,363 members
Upcoming Horror Movie Fans
2,851 members
International Society of Sports Nutrition
29,915 members
Best Damn Sports Group Period
1,124 members
Real Sports Break
1,460 members
The Sports Barbershop
539 members
Sports Talk 101
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Real Sports Talk
370 members
5 Point Lead Sports Bar
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Sports Discussion
206 members
The Sports Cave
418 members
Sports Talk!
6,031 members
Sports Talk
15,485 members
Sports Talk
792 members
Pro Sports and Sports News
979 members
Man Up H-Town Sports Talk
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The Tech Toyz
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Gadgets and Technology
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Gadgets Flow
1,152 members
Gadget Tech!
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Latest Gadgets & Technology News
1,734 members
CoinOPS, Console & Computer Games
6,067 members
Computer Games
283 members
PYT Beauty Tips
5,158 members
Fashion Beauty tips make up
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Face, Nails, Skin, Beauty Tips
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Beauty Tips - Makeup - Life Style
13,784 members
Recipes, Household & Beauty Tips
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2,170 members
Bridal Advice Australia
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Perth Weddings & Bridal
6,564 members
All About Weddings: The Bridal Guide Community
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Auckland Weddings Bridal Club
734 members
Wedding packing...creative ideas
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22,663 members
DIY Farmhouse Style
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DIY Party Moms
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DIY Squad!
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DIY Caravan Repairs & Maintenance
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DIY Hmong clothes or Tutorial And Patterns
3,092 members
DIY Crafts & Gardening with Kitty
548 members
Beauty & Style Friendship Club
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Beauties & Healthy & Fashion Style For The Deaf
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Lularoe Alternative Style
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Healthy Mummy Fashion Support Group
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1,202 members
New style of fashion
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Finance And Coffee
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Trade Finance Professionals
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Financial Research & Risk Professionals
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Finance Professionals of Pakistan
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Finance & Accounts Professionals Network
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Finding You Fitness
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Health and Fitness Junkie
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Fitness, Health & Beauty
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Health and Fitness Transformation
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Hot Mama Health & Fitness - HQ
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Frugal Family Food
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4,105 members
Drop A Food Pic (Home Cooking)
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Stupid Food Ideas
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Food Haven
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Enfield Food Forum
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Shit Faced Chefs
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Return Gift Ideas
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Etsy Gift Ideas
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Festival Gift Ideas
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Handmade Gifts Ideas
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Thermo Xmas Gift Ideas
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Craft Supplies and Handmade Gifts
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Handmade Gifts by Carey
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Weapon Stippling
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Manasota gun talk
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Guns R Us 101
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Mass Guns Gone Wild
5,135 members
Firearms Unlimited "Guns, Guns & More Guns"
1,264 members
Vintage Guns and Other Interesting Things
1,420 members
Guns Gear & Freedom Society
830 members
Health Tips and Recipes
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Health Tips - Improve Health
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Health Tips
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Health Tips - Stay Healthy
19,921 members
Health tips global
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5,476 members
18,488 members
Health Tips & Herbal Remedies
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Jewellery Station
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Jewellery work
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Jewellery Corner
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Jewellery Point
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Handmade jewellery
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Online Jewellery Marketplace.
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Online Jewellery
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Jewellery Artisans Chat Community
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BodyworkBiz: Massage Business Ideas That Work
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pet lovers
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