Setup your Twitter Account

Twitter is an amazing way to gain exposure and traffic for your site. ┬áDespite what you might think – you don’t need to be a celebrity or even have used twitter before to get a big audience for your site’s posts. ┬áBy using hashtags correctly – your posts can be shown to anyone and everyone who might like the subject matter you are writing about.

Go to

Provide the needed information and click “Sign up for Twitter”.

twitter signup

Input your phone number

  • phone number

If you don’t want to share this information click “Skip” below the Next Button


Choose a username and click next.


Click “Lets Go” button

lets go

Choose the things you are interested in, then click “Continue”.


Select accounts to follow. then click “Continue”


Add your photo, then click “Continue”‘


For finding people you know, you could skip this step

finding people

Your done. You could now start using your twitter account. Be sure to click the confirmation send to the email you used during the signup process.