Resource Page Link Building

Resource page is a page in a website that contains useful links for particular topics like travel. For example, a travel blog might have a resource page with links pointing to resources about traveling to countries in Asia.

Link building can be done using resource page and your goal is to get your site on this type of page. Of course, owners of these sites that has resource page do not know that your site exists. All you have to do is find them and introduce your site to them.

Prior to starting with this strategy, it is best that your blog already has at least 10 articles. This will make your site look more reliable which means a greater chance of getting the link.

Finding the Resource Page

Search on Google using this search string Keyword + inurl:links’.

Example: Travel + inurl:link


Since a lot of sites are recommended to you, Focus first on those with high Page authority, then on the domain authority. The higher page authority the more “value” your site will get.

The best browser plugin to use for this purpose is provided by MOZ. If you have it already installed, simply click the MOZ toolbar.

Otherwise, click here to learn more about it and how to install.



It would also be best to look for signs that the site is open for adding valuable sources to their resource page



Reach Out

Be Polite

Here is a message template from┬á, you can make your own as long as you don’t sound pushy.


Make sure your resource link or page is a good fit. And as noted above, be sure that your site also looks good prior to reaching out to any webmasters.