Promote your Site in Forums

Forum Marketing is not only effective for link building, it also gives you an opportunity to present your site to relevant audience who are devoted to the forum topic. The important thing to do is find an established and active forum.

Participating in forums could be very time-consuming. This is why you focus only on 2-3 forum sites and choose those that fits your interest.

Find a Forum Related to your Niche

On Google Search Box, type “niche + forum”



Forums to Avoid

  • forums where links are not allowed
  • forums where there are lots of spam comments on posts
  • forums by competitors



How to Get Started

  • Check first if the forum has active members. Its pointless to be part of a forum with only a few active members.
  • Register/ Sign-up, then create a neat and clean profile. Include a lot of information about you and don’t forget to include an image.
  • Understand the rules when it comes to posting and commenting. This is very important so you don’t get banned from the forum.
  • Ask moderators for anything that you are not sure of.
  • Spend some time to check the forums and learn more about usual practices of active members before writing your own post.
  • Let other members of the forum see you as a valuable person to the community.
  • To build credibility, leave insightful comments every week. You don’t have to comment everyday, but at least you spend a couple of hours on the forum per week.


Adding Link on Comments

Of course, do not forget that comments are opportunities for backlink. However, there are important things to remember.

  • Add a link pointing to an article on your site only if it is relevant to your comment/answer.
    • Example: There is a post in the forum about a person asking for advise on best places to visit in Indonesia.  If you have an article on your blog relevant to this, write a comment on the post and add the article link from your site at the end of your comment.
  • It is best to write a longer and more personalize comments than a one sentence comment where you just say ‘check this link’.
  • If you answer a certain post and don’t have a relevant article for reference, never think about placing just any link from your site for the purpose of getting backlink.
  • Be friendly to everyone in the forum which you could show through your comments.



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