Internal Link Building

Internal link building is the process of linking from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain. The good thing about doing this process is you have full control of it – what anchor text to use and what page it will link to. Thus, making it the easiest SEO Strategy for site owners.

Two main reasons to do internal link building:

  • to provide your audience with further reading options, thus decreasing bounce rate
  • to help google crawl your site

The general idea in doing this type of link building is whenever you make a new piece of content it should include a link pointing to a relevant page.

Important things to consider:

  • use reasonable number of internal links. As stated by Google, keeps the links in a certain page/article to a reasonable number
  • do not link to contact us page unless it is absolutely necessary
  • use anchor text instead of images
  • internal links should appear natural on the article, it should not be there just for link building purposes only.
  • open links in new window
  • if you are using WordPress, it is very tempting to use a plugin for¬†this purpose, however, manual internal linking is still best

How to Link out to Another Page in your Domain

On this example, we will be creating a new post.


This is the article title.


On my site, I already have an article that contains relevant information


So when writing the article I could add an anchor text. On this example its “enhance wireless internet connection”.

To add a link, highlight the  anchor text.



Copy the link of the page you wanted to link to.



The anchor text should now look like this – color changed and the text is now clickable.