How to Update your Website Content and Keep it Fresh

In order for a website to be favored by Google, it needs to show expertise, authority and maintenance. This is the reason why updating your website with new content is very important as it demonstrates maintenance.  As you continue updating your website with new content, you’ll slowly build expertise and authority.

Best Practices on Blogging Frequency

Although websites differ when it comes to blogging frequency there is a general guideline that applies when it comes to this topic.

  1. Publish an article at least once a week
  2. Be consistent
  3. Create high-quality articles

Of course, publishing frequency depends much on availability. If you find it hard to blog once a week, then you could have it once every 2 weeks or at the very least once a month.



Figuring out how often to Blog

To help you determine how often you have to blog, simply answer the following questions:

  1. Can I keep up with the schedule?
  2. Can I still publish quality content at this rate?
  3. Do you have enough content idea to share?

After deciding on a blogging frequency and your answer to any of this question is no, then you might want to adjust until all answer is yes. If you are a beginner at writing, the best thing to do is start at the very least in order to avoid burnout.



Useful Tools and Sites: 

On this site, you’ll find free stock photos that you can use as blog post images.

Google Analytics

It is a powerful tool provided by Google for measuring and monitoring a website’s performance. The tool could give you some ideas on keywords you can target. When you already have several articles published, you’ll be surprised that you are ranking for some keywords already.  It would be a good idea to write a detailed article on these keywords if the content is not available yet or if the article is already there, try updating it or adding more information to give it a boost.

Google Spreadsheet

It is a tool for creating spreadsheets just like MS Excel but with the ability to easily share it online. If you are familiar with any spreadsheet tool, Google Spreadsheet is much like the same.  You can immediately use this tool as long as you have a Google Account. This tool is best used to make a schedule for posting articles, recording articles you have written and keeping track of keywords you have used.

Article Optimizer

The name of the tool says it all. It can help you optimize your article to improve its SEO performance. Simply paste your article on a form, then you’ll get a detailed analysis of your article.