How to Increase your Twitter Followers

Since Twitter was founded on 2006, it continues to become a well-known social media platform. And if you are looking to improve your online presence, getting into twitter is certainly a good idea. Getting followers on Twitter is not that easy but having the right social media habits could help a lot.

Complete your Profile

Adding Header Image

Login to your Twitter Account



Use the Header image created using Canva





You are given 160 characters for the bio, so make sure to use it wisely. Your readers should know who you are and what you could offer. Create your biography in the most creative way possible.


Add link to your website



Use Hashtag Correctly

A hashtag is simply a word or phrase that is used in different social media sites(including Twitter) that is preceded by the sign “#”. Example (#toptechgadgets). It makes it easier for Twitter users to find what they are looking for on the site since these hashtags are searchable. The search result is a long list of tweets that uses the searched hashtag.

Search for the hashtag first before using to confirm if its content is relevant to your niche.

Screen Shot 04-06-16 at 09.15 AM

Screen Shot 04-05-16 at 10.15 AM

Screen Shot 04-06-16 at 09.24 AM

Use about 1 or 2 hashtag. Using too much of it on your Tweet would make your post look messy.

Screen Shot 04-06-16 at 09.30 AM

Share Useful Content

The most useful content that you could share is no other than your own. Of course its useful other wise you won’t bother publishing it.

Go to your website

Screen Shot 04-06-16 at 09.35 AM

Navigate to the post you wanted to share on Twitter


Screen Shot 04-06-16 at 09.39 AM

Sharing others Tweet / Re-tweeting

Anything that is interesting on your dashboard could be shared to your followers.

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Screen Shot 04-06-16 at 09.51 AM

Screen Shot 04-06-16 at 09.52 AM

Connect to your Audience

 You don’t need to spend a lot of time on your twitter account to engage with your audience. All you have to do is visit your account and allocate about 10-15 minutes everyday responding to tweets and retweeting valuable information from your audience.