How to Get your New Website Indexed

Now that you have a website and most of the basics are set-up already, you want to ensure that your site gets organic search traffic. This would only happen when your site is indexed by Google. This indexing could happen naturally as you continue updating your site but it would take a longer time compared to spending a little effort to make it happen.

Know how Search Engine Works

Google rely on spiders, these are little bits of computer code which crawls the web. The purpose of spiders is to find everything that is new on the web and determine what that page or site is all about. Changes to existing pages are also crawled.

Indexing is the spider’s way of accessing and processing data from pages as it crawls all through out the web.  To check if your site is already indexed, use this format: “” on Google search bar. If you see your site on the result, it means it’s indexed.



Create a Content Strategy

content strategy


A lot of SEO experts today stress the importance of a content marketing strategy. A lot of internet marketers were able to document the effectiveness of this strategy. Aside from this is good for SEO, it also helps to get your site indexed easily.

However, even if you already know that content is important, it should not be a reason to publish more content without thinking about quality. In coming up with a strategy, think about the following questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
    • Be sure to know what your audience wants/needs.
  • What types of content will you produce?
    • Produce content that your audience could easily understand and process.
  • How often will you publish your content?
    • This depends much on your availability. A good start is one well-written and high quality article a week, instead of trying to publish an article every other day.



Create and Submit a Sitemap

A sitemap is a list that holds all the pages of your site. It helps search engine know that something changed on a certain page.  Sitemaps help your content get crawled and indexed.

Go to this post to learn how its done:

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytic sevice offered by Google that give you information about website traffic. It is considered to be the most popular web analytics service on the internet. Installing this analytics service could give Google a wake-up nudge on the existence of your new site. Thus, it could lead to crawling and indexing.


Simply login to your Google Account, then go to Goggle Analytics Homepage




Provide all Needed Information



Select your Country



Copy the Tracking Code Provided and Place on your WordPress site


On your WordPress Dashboard



Search for “header.php” by pressing ctrl + f then typing the search term.



Search for “</head>” by pressing ctrl + f then typing the search term.


Paste the tracking code before the term “</head>”



Learn more about how to use Google Analytics to the fullest on this post: Essential Google Analytics Report

Submit URL to Search Engines

Login to your Google Account, then go to this link.

Input your website link on the box.



To submit website URL on Bing and Yahoo, go to this link.



Submit to Blog Directories

If this strategy is done the right way, it could lead to quick indexing of your site. In the year 2012, Google deindexed a lot of free site directories due to the increasing number of low quality directory sites.

Even though many of these sites got deindexed, it does not mean that its not useful anymore. The message here is to only submit to decently ranked blog directories. Make use of the list found on this site.