How to Find Websites that Pay Writers

Freelance blogging is certainly one of the most popular ways to earn online. There is still a high demand for bloggers/writers as websites need articles. However, do not think that the road would be that easy especially for a newbie. With the right effort and mindset you’ll definitely find yourself earning good amount of money as a freelance writer.


Finding Sites that Pay Writers

Search Google for this purpose


others search terms

“websites that pay writers”

“make money writing articles”

“get paid blogging”


Recommended Lists


Avoiding Freelance Writing Websites Fraud

Before submitting your work to any sites that pay writers. Be sure that you know more about the site first through the eyes of those who have tried it already. If the site is reliable, most likely other people would share their wonderful experience about the site.
Watch out for sites that got some negative feedback from users. Lastly, if you are not sure of the reviews you found online about the site, simply trust your instinct. Most of the time, it will save you.

For Example: This list included “Blasting News”


Before going to the site and immediately writing an article, do some research first



other search term : “Blasting News Reviews”



Carefully Read everything on the post


You’ll also find useful information on the comment section


As you can see, these comments are recent and could help you decide whether to trust the site or not.