How to Check your SEO Progress

There are some tools available to help you check the progress of your SEO efforts. These tools serve as your guide in measuring your success and could help you improve the SEO side of your site.

Majestic SEO

Introduction to Majestic SEO Tool

Majestic SEO is one of the most popular link analysis tool for website owners today. The best part is you could enjoy its benefits for free. Of course you could also go premium for more features, going for its free version is good enough.

The two metrics that is very important in majestic are Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF). TF is a metric that measures the quality of the links. On the other hand, CF shows the quantity of links pointing to the site. It would be safe to assume that the more links point to your site, the more influential it becomes.

With the information above, we can say that when you site has high TF, it means a good backlink profile of your site. Since links are of high quality, there is a higher chance that it will receive a ranking boost. When you have a site that has a CF of 30 and TF is only 10, it means that a lot of your links are low-quality. The ideal ratio of TF/CF is one that is nearing to 1.

Though your goal is to accumulate more links for your site, you also have to consider its quality. When you see your site is having high CF and pretty low TF, its time to focus on getting quality links.

Sign of a low quality links pointing to a site


On this case, we could see that the CF value is too high compared to its TF which is only 7. This is a sign of a wrong link building practice.

Average TF/CF value of a site


On this sample, TF is just close to the CF value. This should also be the case for your site. Always think about how you are going to raise the CF value without letting TF be left behind.

Signup for a Free Account

As Majestic is not anymore supporting free users for their plugin, the best thing that you can do is to sign up for a free account . Creating an account is very easy.

Go to Majestic Homepage


After signing up, you now have access to Majestic, but since its a Free account, there are limitations.

Enter Domain here then press Enter or click the ‘Search Icon’




Using Majestic in link building

On our post about off-page SEO, on our discussion about broken link building, we were able to find this website: Since we found some dead links on this site, we are already aware that we have a backlink opportunity.

But before you contact the website owner, be sure that you check first if the site has a good link profile. Again, ideally the TF and CF value should be closer.



On this example, TF / CF value is 22:36. Since TF is close to the CF value, this is a sign of a good site for link building. Also, go after for sites that has a TF value of 15 0r higher.

Moz Toolbar

The Moz Toolbar provides you with access to metrics that measure the quality of the site. These metrics are Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA).  From the names itself, DA refers to the authority of the site as a whole website, while PA is the authority of one page only. This is why our focus will be on the DA of a site.

Focus on improving your sites DA value. And when it comes to link building, go for a site with a DA value of 20 or higher.

Go to this link for Moz Plugin






In our sample website:, its DA value is 58.

Screen Shot 04-20-16 at 03.11 PM

Since the DA value is higher than 20, this means the domain passed our requirement for a site worthy for getting a backlink.



Google Webmasters Tool

On this tutorial, we will use Google Webmasters tool to determine the positioning of your website in terms of search queries or keywords used by visitors to find your site.

Go to this link to access your Google Webmasters Tool Account

Click your website





Here is a video to better understand the information provided on this Google Tool