How to Blog Better with Evernote

Evernote lets users store almost anything at almost any time and in any format. For bloggers this tool is invaluable as it makes recording of blog ideas faster and more efficient. As we all know, great post ideas pop into our mind at any time and mostly during inconvenient times. Evernote ensures that you don’t forget these great ideas and easily access it when you have the chance to sit down and blog.

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On the 3 options, choose one which better serves your purpose of trying out Evernote. Though the very first reason is to “Take better Notes“, the general goal is “Be more productive“.

In order to easily use evernote, it is best to Download and Install it on your computer

After the installation, you can now start using the application

Using Evernote


The most basic element in Evernote is a NOTE. Simply put, everything is stored as a note.



These notes are stored in a notebook. Do not just let your notes be stored into the program proper. It is best to create different notebooks for different purposes.
On this sample, aside from the notebook ‘Travel Guides’ there are 2 other notes that contain other information


If you have notebooks on similar topics, you can organize them in a notebook stack.



You can also tag your notes to easily find them through ‘search’


Searching on Evernote



Tips to Using Evernote for Blogging

The Web Clipper

It is a browser extension that lets you grab articles online, pdf’s and even emails and then store them on Evernote. This is a fast and easy way of getting information online without leaving your browser.

Download the web clipper here:

Using Evernote as a Read Later App

Bloggers are not only writers, they are readers as well. If you find something interesting or useful online but you don’t have the time to read everything as of the moment, simply use the web clipper to file it away and read later.

Tip: Make a Notebook that is intended for Articles you wanted to read later.

Capturing Post Ideas

Post ideas usually pop into your mind in places where you don’t intend to blog. You don’t always bring your laptop with you but surely you have your cellphone everywhere you go. Use the Evernote app to just write down all the ideas you have in mind. Since it syncs to all your devices, you’ll easily find it when you get home and do your work.


After knowing the idea to write about, its time to do some research. Collecting information online from pictures, texts, and pages is easily done with the Web Clipper.

Using Evernote to Keep Templates and Checklists

For bloggers, it is best to create templates in order to save time when doing the same thing over and over again. For example when writing a post. Use Evernote to store your writing template so you can easily access it when you need to.  Templates such as message to client, responding to queries and reach out messages are very useful as well.

Keep an eye on the things you do and make sure to have a template when necessary.

Create Blog post Drafts in Evernote

Imagine yourself meeting someone and you got to the location first. Instead of using the waiting time to play your favorite mobile game, why not check the list of your blog posts ideas and start writing them on Evernote. Yes, you can use this application for writing. It has a large area with white space where you can write.

This tool can be your distraction-free writing tool as you simply have to focus on getting your ideas down and worry about other things like formatting, spelling and grammar later.

When the person you waited already arrived, you can close the application and be assured that you can easily work on that post again when you have another free time. This would definitely increase your productivity as a blogger. The next thing you know, when you sit down in front of your computer to blog, you already have several “almost” finished content.

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