Guide to Broken Link Building

You have to understand that there are a lot of broken links on the internet and knowing how to take advantage of this opportunity is important. Most site owners would certainly not want to have links on their content that leads to an error page. This would definitely frustrate users or visitors. This potential poor user experience is the reason why broken link building works and is very much effective.

Three simple steps

Conduct a backlink analysis

To do backlink analysis, we need to use a tool which is a browser add-on. We will use “Check my Links“.




Search Google for links that link out to resources related to your niche using this format: niche related keyword + inurl:links


Click on the results


On the page you selected, click this icon. It will start a search for dead links on a certain page.



Those which are highlighted in red with 404 mark are dead links.


Contact the owner about the dead link

Email the webmaster (the one who owns the site) to let him know that one of the sites / page they are linking to is no longer available. Just make sure to craft your message in a way that does not resemble those usual spam messages we get from other sites. Most likely the owner would be greatful since you are trying to help him improve his site by eliminating a dead link.

Offer a replacement

Since the dead link leads to a page that is close to your niche, you could offer your site as a replacement. Convince  the owner you have a site with similar information to the page he was linking to. If you have enough quality content on your site, the owner would most likely not mind using your site url instead.

One our sample image above, we have “The Daily Hack” site which is a dead link and its under DIY sites of “”‘. So if you have a DIY site, then this is an excellent link opportunity.