Guide to Blog Commenting

For a new website, blog commenting is one of the easiest way to acquire backlinks. When it’s done the right way, surely it could improve your site’s link profile.

Though this strategy talks about commenting on a blog, it doesn’t mean that you just go our there and comment on every blog you see. The blogs to consider should have the following characteristics.

  • Should be active
  • Should have a good Domain Authority value (20 or above)
  • Should have a good TF value (15 or above) and closer TF/CF value.

Finding Blogs using Google

Blog commenting starts with finding niche related blogs. The easiest way to do this is using Google Search. Simply use this search guideline: ““keyword/niche + blogs“.17


Create a Spreadsheet file and list around 20-30 blogs you found.

Most top blogs in your niche will have excellent metrics, but still you could check using Majestic Plugin and Moz Toolbar




Selecting A Post to Comment

Do not just randomly choose a post to comment. See to it that you have enough knowledge and ideas to share about the topic in order to deliver a relevant and useful comment. If ever you don’t see any new post that interest you, try searching the site for some topics that you are looking for.


Guidelines in Creating the Comment

A great comment could provide you with some link opportunities. So be careful with commenting and follow the tips below.

Add New Information

The comment section is not a place for you to simply repeat some of the contents of the article. You need to present something new. Be sure to support your comment with factual info. You could even explain why you agree or disagree on the content of the post. If other people would see that your comment is really good, some would certainly be interested in visiting your site.

Be Relevant

If you want your blog commenting efforts to be successful, be relevant. It is very easy to spot a comment that is unrelated to the post and it certainly doesn’t look good. If you do this, you are making yourself look dumb or spammy.

Avoid Dropping Irrelevant Links

If you wanted to add a link on the body of your comment, just make sure that the link adds value to your comment or to the post in general. Never drop a link that is totally irrelevant to the post.

For instance you don’t have a post that could support your comment, better publish your comment without any link. Only add your own link when it is necessary.

Keep it Simple

Even if you want to create a relevant and informative comment, do not forget to keep it simple. Readers would certainly appreciate your comment even more when its short and simple.

Add your Website

Be sure not to forget to add your website when the comment section asks for it. This is your backlink opportunity.