Before you Write your Article

Before you Begin…

Make sure you follow the guidance below to ensure your article is accepted by the publisher.  While subject matter is open to interpretation, the fundamentals of spelling, grammar and formatting are not.  If you repeatedly ignore the guides provided your work invitation will be cancelled.

+ Follow the WordPress Article Writing Guide

The Writing Guide must be followed for all writing jobs, it can be found in the training.

+ Install & use the Grammarly App

The grammarly app will ensure you have no spelling or grammar mistakes in your writing.

 + Keywords

Keywords must be commonly used terms or phrases associated with this subject.  These keywords become hashtags for your article, to bring them to the attention of people with certain interest groups.  They are very important to getting your article to appear in relevant searches and social media newsfeeds.



There are no second chances if you break these rules.  Your account will be banned.

+ Do not submit copied content.

Do not copy from any other website or source.  If you need facts, you can refer to sources for those facts but you must not copy any entire sentence.

+ Do not publish this article on your blog.

You can link to the article, but you must not publish the same content.

+ Do not include links that are self promoting.

  Do not include links to your own websites, paid or affiliate links in the article.  Doing this will result in an immediate and permanent ban.