Anchor Text and How to Optimize It

Anchor texts are texts that link to another page on the web. Since the text contains a link, it becomes clickable.  Since backlinks continue to become a big ranking factor, anchor text continues to play a significant role in SEO.

It is important to carefully build the anchor text profile of your site for if it’s done wrong, it could be the reason for a Google penalty.

Before we continue with this tutorial, it is best that you review the different types of anchor texts.

Tips on Optimizing Anchor  Texts

Keep anchor texts relevant

Relevancy plays a very important role in SEO and this is also true with anchor texts. Your content would rank better when your target keyword is relevant to your article.

Distribute Different Types of Anchor text wisely

Anchor text distribution is very important for the success of your SEO campaign. There is really no fix value for this distribution. When you do your own research, you’ll find different SEO experts say different values. The illustration below is what worked for a lot of people.

It is not necessary that you follow the anchor text distribution percentage on the illustration. However, you could use it as a guide. Yours should be one that is closely similar to it.

anchor text distribution

Anchor Text Distribution for New Sites

The distribution on the above illustration is what we wanted as our website age. However, for new sites, you should focus on these anchor texts first.

  • Branded (yoursitename)
  • Naked (
  • Raw (
  • Generic(Visit site, Click here etc)

After getting a good number of links using these anchor texts, you could start adding those which are mentioned on the illustration above.

Avoid linking to toxic sites

Keep in mind that the sites you link out to plays a significant role in how search engines see your site. Thus, it is very important to avoid linking to spammy sites. If the link opportunity is from a site  that looks shady and has general topic for its content, it is best to look for other options.

Internal Linking should not be Keyword-rich

Internal linking is a good SEO practice and it also presents more useful information to your visitors. However, you should avoid using keyword-rich anchors. To improve your link profile, it is best to go for longer anchor texts.

Example, instead of using “fitness technology gadgets” you could go for something like “see more sample of fitness technology gadgets”. Basically, what we did is create a long anchor which includes the keywords in it.

Write Relevant Guest Posts

Guest posting is still one of the most effective ways to get backlinks. If it’s done with a strong domain, it could significantly improve a site’s ranking. In creating the link back to your site, be sure to use LSI or partial match anchors.

Record your Anchor Texts

Tracking your anchor texts is very important. You don’t want to end up over-using a certain anchor text especially one that is keyword-rich. Doing so could be done using an excel spreadsheet.

Links should be from the right Sites

Always keep in mind that linking to authority sites will have a positive effect on your SEO efforts. Instead of getting lots of links from random sites, it is better to focus on getting links from high authority sites. These sites are those with Domain Authority (DA) of 20 or above and Trust Flow (TF ) of 12 or above.