What’s the usual career path for a blog writer?

Becoming a paid writer, blogger – working online and from anywhere is a dream thats rapidly becoming a reality.   People without any online experience but real world skills and knowledge are in demand. But there is a right and a wrong way to make this happen – and it breaks our hearts to see SO MANY people doing it the completely wrong way.

Make a ‘free website’.

Lots of people save themselves a few dollars by skipping the small investment to buy a domain and setup a proper website. Go back to any of these websites and look carefully at the wording.


You create the website for free.  Who owns it?

Not you.

Web developers get paid to build websites for clients… but you just built a website for a multi-million dollar corporation … for free.  Wow.

How generous of these companies to let you build their website for them!

If you want to actually own the domain or use any professional features (you will) that’s no problem because they will let you connect your domain to the site.


It will cost you about $150 USD per year + domain.



Think it’s Easy.

Just like the idea that you can build a valuable website for free – it’s ridiculous to think you are going to shoot to fame instantly. With no partnerships, no technical support, a free website and no training – you’re hardly a valuable asset.  You thought being a blogger was about writing – that people just pay you to write – isn’t that how it works?

Here’s how most people think the process is going to go...

Step 1 – Build a Website
Step 2 – ???
Step 3 – Make Money!

Let me fill you in on the missing step… an AUDIENCE.  If nobody is reading – you are wasting your time.

Being a writer your most valuable assets are your readers… not your words.  


Get disappointed. Quit.

Most people who make the first two blunders we mentioned above have already lost most of their enthusiasm.  So many hopes dashed and so much time wasted.  They write a few posts and find that its difficult getting anyone to read what you have written without an established audience network or any real idea how to build one. As time goes on, and their blog posts continue to be largely ignored – they resort to writing on facebook, giving up on the dream of making any actual money from blogging before they even really started.


The right career path for a Blog Writer…

Join our agency, for free.

We train and mentor you, promote your work and profile and give you the kind of exposure that allows for you to reach your goals.

Put simply, after working with us you’ll have the skills, experience and portfolio to do pretty much anything you like in the freelance writing field… and hopefully that’ll be with us too.

Receive professional training with our Writers Academy online course.

We will provide training in every skill and tool you will need to be a successful freelance writer and blogger – with new content being added regularly to keep up with developments in technology.  We need to make sure the writers we represent are top-notch and understand the online content creation process.

Have your writer profile visible to our publishers.

As a writers agency our goal is to connect writers with potential employers for freelance, casual or long-term engagements.  We promote your writer profile to hundreds of potential clients looking for writers with specific skills or experiences.



Build a proper Website with Social Media Syndication.

The website you build during our training has the same platform and features used by almost every successful blogger, website owner and entrepeneur. We will show you not only how to make the website and write engaging content for an online audience – but how to build your own audience using social media. Once you have a website and an audience of your own it becomes a valuable long-term asset that you can make money from.


Publish on our partner Websites, Facebook, Twitter and reach thousands of people.

Our publishers have massive audience networks and will give you exposure as a writer. As an agency member your work will be published on multiple channels and massively increase your profile.



A guaranteed writing job…

With our sponsorship programmes, you are guaranteed your first writing job as soon as your website is setup. These publishers give full credits to their writers – and syndicate their articles to thousands of social media followers.

Not only will this give you your first taste of work as a professional writer, but you will gain massive exposure. Not only that, but your profile visible on our agency listing for publishers to contact you for more work.

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