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Setup your Blog

Your blog will act like an online resume for you to demonstrate your content creating skills and allow you to join advertiser programs where you can earn commission from sales directly. Your blog is 100% owned by you and you have full control over its content, but try to keep it professional looking and remember that the goal is not just to engage people but ultimately to make money.  Generally you should write from a personal perspective and focus on topics you understand. If you are doing commissioned articles for a client – do not promote anything within the article that competes with the publisher or their advertisers.

You only need to do this once to be eligible to work for any of our clients.

Screen Shot 01-27-17 at 05.34 PMThere will be a link to your blog from your profile on the Writers.Agency website for clients to view your work.

Your blog will display :

  • Examples of your writing.
  • Links to published Articles.
  • Links to your Social Media.
  • Advertising for you to earn money from traffic.
  • Promotional content for you to earn sales commissions.

Why do I need to setup my own Website?


Your website will be used to show clients your work, and your skills.

Not only that, but your new blog will have great exposure from the first time you publish an article.  If you use this boost in traffic and exposure wisely you can make money directly from your site with pay per click advertising and affiliate marketing.

You can also make money from your blog with ads, sponsored posts, and paid product links.

Publishers are buying your articles because they attract visitors.  The visitors click on advertising or sponsored links, and the publishers earn money from the sales. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing on your site.  You can also sign up for sponsorship (affiliate) programs from hundreds of major brands and act like a publisher making money from advertising.  By doing this you can earn an almost unlimited amount of money.

When & how often do I get paid?

Each time an article is approved you will be paid the nearest Friday at 6pm Australian Eastern time.  Payments are sent every week, automatically using Paypal. You must have a Paypal account to receive payment.


What happens next?

+ Your details will be reviewed by our team and you will be emailed a reponse.

+ On the writers portal, will be able to accept your first job for your chosen client.

+ You will get access to our training, that will show you how to develop your own blog, audience and skills.

What if I already have a website?

An established website might be competing with our clients’ site in the Google Rankings.  For that reason, our clients do not wish to link from their site to a competitor – providing traffic and SEO signals to a competing site.  You need to use a new site as your agency profile.  This also helps us ensure everyone has the same skills.

A compromise is that you can link from your new site to your existing one to refer traffic.  This way you still get all the benefits of being a writer, as well as an indirect link to your site.  You will also have access to our training resources which teach you valuable marketing skills that you can apply on any existing website projects.

Why can’t I use a free website?

Free website builders don’t give you any practical skills.  They are very simple, so being able to use them doesn’t demonstrate any kind of professional knowlege.  In many case you are not even allowed to advertise on, or sell the websites you build.  Basically you can’t use a free website for any money-making activities.

Who should I contact for technical problems with my Website?

You are purchasing your domain name and hosting from Godaddy.  We are not part of godaddy, and we are not taking the payment from you for the services.  If you need support, you need to contact godaddy directly by logging into your account.

Your account with Godaddy is not managed by us.

There are a lot of options for domains and hosting.  However, for $1 a month the special offer from Godaddy is by far the cheapest.  Godaddy also has the most global service offering with phone support in multiple countries.  Because of all these factors, we have built our training programme around the use of Godaddy’s Economy Shared Hosting Package.

It includes everything and a free domain name.  You won’t need to pay for anything else.

What other benefits are there?

As well as the ability to work for our publishers, being a writer with Writers Agency as the following great benefits…


Many of our clients have massive audience networks and will give you exposure as a writer. As an agency member your work will be published on multiple channels and massively increase your profile.


We provide training in every skill and tool you will need to be a successful freelance writer and blogger – with new content being added regularly to keep up with developments in technology.  We need to make sure the writers we represent are top-notch and understand the online content creation process.


Your website will be a fully functional portfolio of all of your online skills, from WordPress Development to Social Media Marketing.  You can use these skills to make a career in the online space – working for an agency, employer or for yourself from anywhere in the world.


You can place ads on your blog to get money from the visitors / traffic that you attract.  As your domain name belongs to you – it can also be sold in the future.


Once your blog has some basic content and looks decent – you can begin applying for affiliate partnerships from major brands.  You blog about their products and get a commission for every sale that comes from a person who visited your website before making a purchase. 


Follow the instructions exactly.

This is the most important step of the entire process, if you fail to follow these instructions correctly you will not be able to continue.

If you have any problems ...

- Remove all items from your cart.

- Close the browser window.

- Begin the process again by clicking the link.

- If you still have issues , send us a message.

 Do not contact Godaddy directly when placing your order.

If you contact godaddy directly for assistance to complete your order, it will not be recognized by our system and you will not be elegible to continue.

 Do not complete your order via Godaddy reminder emails.

If you begin your order, then leave the site and come back later via an email from Godaddy -  the order will not be recognized by our system and you will not be elegible to continue.

You must complete the order exactly as shown, with no variations.


Click on the button below to begin...

The offer will open in a new tab so you can return here for instructions.

*This is a special offer. Do not go away from the page or you will lose it.*


This is a special affiliate offer. Our tracking system is commissioned each time an order is placed, which we use for our expenses instead of charging membership fees.






Select the Economy - $1.00 per month hosting option.


Choose your domain name....

You can choose anything that's available, but you should use something you will never change or get tired of.

A good option is to use your own name.

This way you can write about pretty much anything, and you can use your site to represent yourself as a brand /writer and entrepreneur.


Under the Term for '.com Domain Registration', choose 1 YEAR

Your cart should look like this (price in $USD.)


If you are seeing a much higher price - then you probably have extra items in your cart or duplicate items. Remove these.


Don't add anything else.

*ignore any additional offers, they are not worth it.*

Review Total Cost

Important note: taxes and fees could vary depending on location


Register to Complete Purchase


Provide all needed information.


For PayPal Payment

Other Mode of Payment

** After payment process is complete, make note of the Order Number **

Image [11]


A confirmation email is also sent to you that contains your order number



You should now have access to your account, and the Web Hosting Panel.

Image [12]


In Web Hosting, you should see your new CPANEL account ready to be setup.

Image [13]


Make sure to Choose One Close to your Readers


For username: It should be 4-16 characters, starts with a letter, consists only of lowercase letters and numbers and must not contain "test"

For password: It should be 4-16 characters, include a lowercase letter, include an uppercase letter, include a number and  for special characters, only !,@,#,% are allowed.

** Make note of the Cpanel username and password **



** Make note of the WordPress username and password**



Wait for a couple of minutes for the set-up to complete.




Here are the details of your site.

**Make note of the link to your Wordpress site, and the admin page **


Check your New Blog if it’s Online

Add a New Tab on your browser and place the URL



You should see something like this.



Once everything is working, submit your blog using the form below.


Submit your details on the form at the bottom of this page.

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