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Refer a Friend

Our Agency is picking up more publishers every day, and we need writers with as many different skills and experiences as possible to fill their specific subject knowlege requirements.  In just a few minutes you can place posts on social media and websites that could earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars on referral bonuses.  This program is brand new, and only available to Writers Agency members.

You will be paid $5 Aud. for every person that signs up and writes at least one article.

If you have any questions please send us a message.


Step 1 : Copy your Link

From the portal / homepage – click on any of the publisher / job application forms.

Screen Shot 03-01-17 at 12.36 AM

When you see the application page – at the end of the webpage address (URL) in your browser you should be able to see your ‘referral id’ number.


* The number shown here is just an example. Yours will be unique.

Copy the whole link, including your referral id…


Step 2 : Share your Link

People will sign up the same way you did, so you already know the process.  Just share your link and whenever anyone signs up they will be connected to you.  If they become a writer you will get paid.

You can share as many links as you want, for any publisher or job.

How and where you share the link is up to you. These are some suggestions :


Facebook & Social Media

You can use the same methods as when you promote your articles – just create a post and share it!

Refer to this link for lots of Facebook Groups.

You can also search Facebook for groups related to the topic…

Screen Shot 02-27-17 at 01.28 PM

Screen Shot 02-27-17 at 01.35 PM


Google Search Results

When signing up many people are skeptical that they will actually be paid – so they do a google search for the publishers name and ‘writing’ or ‘writers’ to see if they can if they can find out more information from independent sources.

Screen Shot 03-01-17 at 05.14 PM
Just write a post with the title the same as the google search term – and write a few paragraphs encouraging people to join.  At the bottom of the paragraph put your referral link.

When people do a google search to find out more about the program you can get a referral bonus.


Job Classifieds

Create a short description of the job, how it works and post it on any job classified sites.



Step 3 : Watch the Results

When a person signs up at your link your referral code will be displayed on their account next to the ‘sign out’ button – if the person is a friend you can ask them to confirm.

You will be able to see the statistics for your referrals, to help you understand how many people are clicking / signing up.


For each person that signs up – when they recieve payment for their first article, you will receive your bonus payment.