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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this section before you send a message.

I have not received my payment…

Payments are sent via Paypal on Friday of each week.  If you have not received your payment please confirm the following..

  • Make sure the Paypal email address we have on your profile is correct.
  • Check your email notification to make sure we have already sent the payment.
  • Contact Paypal and confirm that your account can receive payments.

Once you have completed these steps – send us a message using the form on this page.  Please include details of the response from Paypal and any action you have taken to correct it.

My Blog was Rejected…

It’s amazing how often people ask us why their blog was rejected – when it is not even online!  Whether this is simply a typo in the web address you submitted, or a problem with your hosting – if you contact us to ask without even checking yourself, it really gives a bad impression.

  • Make sure the address you gave us is correct – click the link to your blog and make sure its visible!
  • If the address is correct but the site isn’t online, review the instructions on the setup page.
  • For technical problems, contact the hosting provider (Godaddy) for technical support.
Why am I ‘Waiting for Job Offers’…

‘No Experience Necessary’  does not mean you are perfect just the way you are.  Theres a reason we have provided training… you’re meant to follow it.  

We can tell who is doing the training (or not) because the entire process is aimed at getting you to build your blog – the evidence will be right there on your website.

If you haven’t followed the training – turn around, go back and start building your blog.  Not only will you learn a lot of valuable skills – but all the work you put into your blog will pay off later when you can add paid links or sell it for thousands of dollars.

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