Do you have an interest in Women's? ASTRATEX.SK are looking for people to work on a generous sales commission, promoting their product ranges via the internet.

Sale: 4% - 12%

How to Join

Anyone can join this program, there are no technical skills needed - all you need is an interest in the topic and the ability to produce engaging content (articles, videos. social sharing).

You do not need any professional experience.


1. Setup a Website

We will provide detailed instructions and support if you have any difficulties.

2. Add some content

You can add written articles, pictures, videos, songs - anything that will engage the type of people that would buy products from this merchant.

3. Put it out there

Use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Reddit to put your content out there and get people visiting your website.

4. Make Money!

Put special links, banners and advertising on your website and when people buy something you will get paid a commission!



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