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Setup your Website & Email

To build a career working online as a freelancer, the best way to show that you have the necessary skills is to have your own website and showcase your talent there. These tutorials show you how to build your wordpress site into a valuable piece of web real-estate.

+Setup your Email
+Basic Website Content
+Creating A Logo
+How to Rotate and Resize Pictures
+Using Wordpress Categories
+How to Customize your Sidebar
+Adding Social Media Button on WordPress Site
+How to Optimize Images Quick, Easy and Free
+Add Navigation Menu in Wordpress
+Build an Email List in Wordpress using MailChimp
+How to Write Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
+How To Recover Lost Wordpress Password
+Migrate a Blog from Blogger to Wordpress
+Move Your Blog from to

Setup your Social Media Pages

+Setup your Facebook Page
+Setup your Twitter Account
+Setup Google Plus Page
+Setup Reddit
+Setup Linkedin
+Setup Pinterest
+Make a blog
+Setup Tumblr
+Setup Youtube
+Using Canva for Social Media Images
+Setup Google Account
+Setup a Skype Account
+Setup Instagram Account

Build your audience with Social Media

+Setup IFTTT Social Syndication
+Get Facebook Fans
+Sharing on Google Plus
+Creating a Video for Youtube
+Pinterest Marketing Strategies
+How to Increase your Twitter Followers
+How to Improve Linkedin Profile
+Tumblr Marketing Strategies
+Strategies for Using Instagram
+Guide to Using Slideshare
+Free Online Marketing Tools
+Publish Post in Wordpress using your Android Phone

Build your audience with Google (SEO)

Google SEO or simply SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. If you check on Wikipedia, it is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results”. In simple terms, its optimizing your site or content so Google give more preference to it and places it on top results for a certain keyword. For example, you have a site that provides tips for budget travelers, you want your site to be on top of the result when people search for the keyword “tips for budget travelers”.

+Setup Google Webmasters Tools
+Basic Explanation of Google SEO
+Keyword Research
+On-Page SEO
+Off-page SEO
+Website Directory Submission
+How to Check your SEO Progress
+Guide to Blog Commenting
+Guide to Guest Blogging
+Install and Setup Yoast SEO Plugin
+Anchor Text and How to Optimize It
+Promote your Site in Forums
+How to Get your New Website Indexed
+Essential Google Analytics Report
+How to SEO Optimize your Images
+Link Building Tactics for a New Website
+Internal Link Building
+How to Get Links from Document Sharing Sites
+Create a Sitemap and Submit to Google Webmasters Tools
+Guide to Broken Link Building
+Resource Page Link Building

Make Money with Freelance Writing Jobs

+Creating an Account in Upwork
+Creating an Account in Freelancer
+Creating an Account in iWriter
+Creating an Account in
+Creating an Account in Fiverr
+Creating an Account in Tomoson
+How to Find Websites that Pay Writers

Make money from your Website

+How to Apply for Google Adsense
+Amazon Affiliate Program
+Career Opportunities for Online Marketing